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EVENT: Webinar - Mandatory Data Compliance Regulations

Is your organisation meeting mandatory data compliance requirements?

If your organisation has not yet determined the compliance regulations and laws you are subjected to in regards to email and data retention, then this informative webinar is a must attend!

Topic : Mandatory Data Compliance Regulations

Date: Wednesday April 18, 2012

Time: 11.00 am GMT  

Topics Include:

• Common challenges businesses are facing today with their data
• The facts and challenges around some of the major laws that businesses are bound by
• How businesses can easily and cost-effectively meet compliance requirements

As companies adopt and benefit from messaging technologies, they also struggle to define the parameters for their appropriate use. Forcing the issue are governing bodies and regulators in all industries, who have imposed strict requirements on the storage and management of messaging data in response to groundbreaking lawsuits in recent years.

Join this informational webinar to better understand the your legal compliance requirements when it comes to managing and maintaining your data.



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