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EVENT: Cloud - The Future is Bright ! " - A Guide to Cloud Computing with Richard Carty, Netshield


A lot of people have heard about it, but have no clue on how to use it. Richard Carty, Netshield, will explain us what it is, how to use it, is it safe....

Cloud computing is a certainly a keyword in the technology world, and has been growing in momentum recently, especially with the increasing number of cloud based services in the marketplace.

Cloud provides exciting opportunities for businesses, where benefits can include cost savings and better efficiency. But, choosing the right solution can be a complex task; to help Richard Carty from Netshield will provide a comprehensive ‘Guide to Cloud Computing’ in a short presentation, with a Q&A section at the end to help answer all your cloud questions.

It will cover topics such as definition of cloud computing, the advantages and the pitfalls and how to choose the right cloud computing service that is right for your business.

The future is bright, the future is cloud.

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Tuesday, 6th March 2012


12.30 - Registrations followed by presentation and Q&A
14.00 - End


British Chamber
Bd Bischoffsheim 11

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