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IT Network Infrastructure Planning and Design Services

Network infrastructure requirements often change as businesses grow and the economic climate changes and companies do not always have the sufficient time or resources to assess their infrastructure blueprint.

Within our IT Network service we will work with you to understand your business and help you get better resilience, availability and stability out of your current IT infrastructure.

Design and implement a fully scalable and dependable IT network infrastructure to support your most demanding business communication needs, or help you replicate your current IT network to new premises as your business grows.

We will work with you to:

  • Assess current IT network
  • Network infrastructure planning and design - a fully integrated and scalable infrastructure, focusing on network reliability
  • Implementation and deploy the IT infrastructure
  • Train your staff on documenting procedures and configuration information
  • Continuously monitor and support your IT network.

Netshield key IT network service areas:

  • LAN and WAN technologies¬†
  • VPN and Virtualization
  • Thin client and Virtualisation Technologies
  • LaaS and cloud computing
  • Switching, Routing, QoS and VoIP
  • Security Services Implementation
  • Secure Remote access
  • Mobile Computing solutions
  • Server and desktop Operating Systems

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