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The growing need to archive email communication 

IT Security - Email Recovery & Archiving

In the current business environment, the use of e-mail is growing as it is a quick, efficient and effective communication tool. 

It is said around three-quarter of business information is and conveyed by email by employees on a daily basis; so it is increasingly important for email retention within an organisation.There are now some legal and compliance requirements for particular sectors.

Email Recovery

If disaster strikes and systems fail there is a chance that emails containing important data are loss. Netshield can provide an email recovery option, providing long term storage, recovery and access to your historic emails. So, you can automatically store emails without adding an extra task to your day.

Email Archiving

This service will automatically archive your emails for a period of time, you have control over the settings, tailoring any archiving activities to your business.

Similar to the email recovery option it can be part of the continuity plan but, the main advantage is the automation of the archiving, this decreases the stress on your email server by freeing space, improving the productivity and efficiency of your server.

Email Encryption

On occasions sensitive electronic data or files need to be transported and email is the method used, we can provide an email encryption service where you can dictate who sees it and who does not.

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