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Data backup and recovery options for you to choose from

Data backup and recovery prepares businesses against unexpected disasters and minimise the level of disruption and downtime in event of a disaster. These events can be cybercrime, viruses, spam, system failures or malicious attacks. Diagram-Icon-Autonomic_Healing.png

Our Netrecover can protect IT systems; we can offer a complete managed data backup and recovery service which includes, secure back up, data storage in an offsite location and a retrieval service or we can provide a simple cloud based data backup service. 

It includes:

  • Needs Analysis Every business is unique, we will assess your data backup and recovery needs by evaluating all relevant backup issues and design a plan to suit. 
  • Scheduling of your backup procedures by using our high-performance private network. As your business grows and your data usage increases, we can easily increase the frequency and scope of your data backup.
  • Integrity Testing to check that all backups are successful and that all data is secured. In the event of a problem the backup will be repeated and re-tested, by using enterprise software to manage data storage activities.
  • Data Recovery, Restoration & Reconfiguration support whenever you need it; whether it is to assist you with restoration or the reconfiguration of your data, we are happy to help.

At Netshield there are different data recovery and continuity options available depending on your business needs, all of which will ensure your valuable data is safe in an offsite, fully redundant facility, ready for recovery:-

  • Hot Standby – A complete business continuity service, ideal for mission-critical applications, as it offers immediate recovery to your IT systems.
  • Warm Standby – A service where your server is backed up at regular intervals on a secondary server whereby your data, applications and platforms can be restored promptly. 
  • Cold Standby – A backup service where your IT applications and platforms are replicated onto a server, reserved for your use in event of a disaster.
  • Offsite Data Backup Storage – Vital data is regularly backed up onto media and is stored in a secure, offsite location.

Lost Data Recovery

Netshield can offer a world class data recovery service that will help you recover data from lost or failed disk drives. If experiencing problems such as your disk not being recognized, damaged storage devices and a burning smell coming from the disk we can help you retrieve the data and save it back onto a new disk via online download or on DVD’s. We can recover lost data/failed disk drive from Hard Drives, External Disk, Laptops and Raids.

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