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Mobile Device Management Services

Mobile Device Management - Netshield Managed IT
Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are being utilized for work purposes increasingly and trends such as flexible mobile working and ‘Bring Your Own Device’ is growing in popularity amongst the workforce.

Mobile working provides businesses with a range of benefits but it can carry a number of corporate security risks such as unauthorized access to device and data breaches due to the device being lost or stolen. Our managed Mobile Device Services can help you lower the security risks and help protect your business data.

Mobile Device Management Services can include the following:-

  • Mobile Monitoring and Remote Device Control
  • Mobile Device Compliance Check and Enforcement
  • Easy Configuration and Maintenance
  • Generate Device Reports
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Take Specific Actions Against a Single Mobile Device

Mobile Device Two-factor Authentication Services

For added mobile device security Netshield can provide a managed two-factor authentication service. Two- factor authentication can be used either throughout your entire IT infrastructure or just on specific devices. It will help add an additional security layer on your IT network and help protect business data from getting into the wrong hands.