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Email Security

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Email communication is now the most common form of communication within organisations today but many do not realise how important it is until its unavailable. To ensure the business emails are continuously working it is vital that businesses have protection from the growing and more sophisticated email security threats.

Netshield can provide a comprehensive email protection service that provides inbound and outbound email filtering of spam, viruses and phishing by using a unique multi-layered filtering technology. It provides a real-time 24/7 virus and spam outbreak protection. 

Email Recovery and Continuity

Emails often contain vital information and can disrupt business productivity if it is not working so, it is important for it to be included in the ‘Disaster Recovery Planning’. With the NetMail email recovery service, in the event of a server failure or a network meltdown employees will still be able to access their emails through a secure Netshield web portal. There is also a backup failure recovery option with instantaneous access to previous 7 days of emails. 
For more information please go to Email Recovery and Continuity.

Email Content Control and Compliance

NetMail Content Service allows businesses to create policies in accordance with organisation’s corporate and regulatory needs and ensure every inbound and outbound email is compliant to the policies set.

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