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Cloud Services

Cloud services can provide businesses with increase productivity and efficiency. With the immense development of cloud technology in recent years it can help consolidate business IT and offer cost savings in these turbulent economic times.   

By using cloud technology Netshield can offer a complete on-demand SaaS service or simply a share hosting service where you have an allocated space on our servers with assess to Netshield’s applications and you only pay for the storage you use.

Co-Location Services

Co-Location is a cost-effective, flexible service that provides full in-house control; you get a whole real physical server to yourself, hosted at Netshield’s datacentre, which is connected directly to the internet, but your in-house IT team still manages and controls the server resources. We will just handle the physical aspects of maintaining your server like the deployment and scaling. 

Co-location provides a huge benefit for customers who have either a large e-commerce website, or have specific business requirements like running high-spec custom applications; where a simple Shared Hosting Servers cannot meet your needs.