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Beware of the Microsoft Voice Phishing Scams!

The number of reports of fraudsters calling people and pretending to be Microsoft Support Technicians in voice phishing scams is on the increase. The fake Microsoft support technician would... Read More

Cyber Security - How aware are you of the growing risk?

Majority of business now have their data stored within a network and its availability will determine productivity, so one cannot afford to take the view ‘it would never happen to me’ as in a recent PWC study 87%... Read More

Ready to say goodbye to Windows XP? Only 60 days...

In the past few weeks it has been eventful at the Microsoft camp with a new CEO, rumours of Windows 9, Window 8 updates and of course the End of Support for Windows XP... Read More

Data Backup - Why is it Important to Carry Out?

Majority of corporations rely heavily on data to be operational but, what happens if suddenly the data is gone, compromised or corrupted? Read More

Private, Public & Hybrid Cloud Computing explained

Cloud Computing is a type of computing that offers agility, scalability and cost-efficiency to the users. Although the word on the streets is ‘Cloud’ the theory/concept behind it is not new…Read More

Symantec is killing their Backup

Symantec is planning to shut down its Backup service in order to focus on other products that have mobile and content-sharing features. The cloud-based solution Backup was first in... Read More

CryptoLocker – The New Kid on the Block for Trojan Ransomware

CryptoLocker is one of new variants of RansomWare lurking around, when it infects a system it would encrypt all the data found with a strong encryption and demand for a ransom for the release of the data. Read More

Take Control with Endpoint Security

Firewalls may be in place on the network to help keep out the malicious attacks but, it is advisable to take a layered approach to security by adding a layer of endpoint security... Read more

Microsoft's - Upcoming End of Support Products

April 2014 will be the end of support for two of Microsoft's most well-liked products, this can cause compliance and security implications for businesses... Read More

Benefits of Server Virtualization

As discussed in a earlier post IT Virtualization comes in different forms but, 'Server Virtualization' is one of the most popular forms and here are some of the main benefits. Read More

Implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Steps You Might Consider

VDI is becoming popular amongst businesses because is allows users to access their desktop remotely. Unlike traditional desktops it provides employees with added flexibility and scalability. If you're thinking of VDI then here are some steps you may want to consider Read More

Corporate BYOD: The Benefits and Risks

On average individuals carry at least three devices so, it is not surprising that BYOD is a growing trend. Although it can offer a range of benefits for corporations there are also security risks that needs to be considered. Read More