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Countdown to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 End of Support

Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 support will be ending on the 14th July 2015. Microsoft will no longer issues security updated for any version of Server 2003. So it is time to more

Ability to work anywhere, with a virtual desktop environment (disclaimer internet required)

Managing a physical desktop environment is becoming more complex, it can be labour intensive and costly depending on the size. Every time a upgrade is required or a new application installed for all to use, one would need to carry out the task on each machine. However... read more

10 Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 will be hitting the shelves soon, the product is aim to unite the Microsoft platforms creating 'One product, one platform, one store'. It will have some great features like improved more

The drawbacks of Cloud - Things they don't tell you!

Cloud computing can offer a number of benefits but, like with all things there are disadvantages with this technology. There is a need to analyse and evaluate whether it is right for the more

Benefits of Managed IT Services in a short video 

Managed IT Services combines regular and preventative maintenance and monitoring for corporate networks and systems. It helps increase the reliability, more

Cloud IP Telephony explained in 2 minutes

Moving business telephone systems to the cloud is becoming increasingly popular as it cost-efficient compared to traditional phone systems. We created a short 2 minutes animation to explain the benefits of more

Backup and Recovery... The types you need to know about 

Having access to data is what keeps most organisations operational so, what would happen if there was a disaster and you haven't got a backup? Having backup in place is important but, there are many different more

Anti-Virus - Do we still need it or is it doomed?

With the advancements in technology malicious software has evolved too. It is becoming harder to detect and can affect a range of devices (even washing machines!). Traditional Anti-Virus will not be able to more

10 Reasons Why Cloud is Good for Business

The combination of growing mobile device usage and the business adoption of Software-as-a-Service - Cloud Computing is revolutionising the workplace, helping businesses to increase productivity and save on operational more

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol - What? How? Why?

With many business applications moving to the Cloud more and more people are moving their telephone systems too. Although VoIP is not a new technology it is starting to gain momentum due to the increasing availability and reliability of more

Netshield Anti-Virus service - powered by BitDefender

Anti-Virus is a necessary evil but, it can take a while to deploy and manage. Netshield Anti-Virus is a comprehensive solution that acts as your first line of video

Windows Server 2012: The Breakdown

With SBS discontinued and Windows Server 2003 support coming to an end in July 2015, businesses need to start thinking about upgrading their infrastructure. One of the options is Windows Server 2012... read more

Could being sociable online be dangerous to businesses?

Social media has grown considerably in recent years, not only it is a tool individuals use to interact, create, share or exchange information, it is also increasingly important for more

Countdown has begun... Bye Bye Windows Server 2003

On the 14th July 2015 the support for Windows Server 2003 will be ending so, companies need to consider whether to upgrade or to move to Office 365 as staying on the platform is not necessary a good idea... read more

Right to Request Flexible Working

From 30th June 2014 all employees that have completed 26 weeks of service are entitled to request flexible working... read more

Information Security isn’t just a Technology issue but, a Business one..

As everyone is becoming more mobile within the workplace and socially, is it becoming more apparent that Information Security within the workplace is not just the IT department issue anymore... read more

Remote Working... The Trend of Mobility in the Workplace

Forrester Research suggests 95% of workers are using at least one-self purchased device for work. By giving employees the option of remote working it can provide businesses with a number of more

Cyber Security - How aware are you of the growing risk?

Majority of business now have their data stored within a network and its availability will determine productivity, so one cannot afford to take the view ‘it would never happen to me’ as in a recent PWC study 87%... read more